Flying Twitter Bird Script Updated 2023 JoshWho

I had to bring this old script back to life. Super excited that Elon Musk now owns Twitter.
I see a brighter future ahead of us now...

Here is a cool new way to get more followers on Twitter for free.
Simple and easy.

Just copy & paste this to your blog or website's header section and edit the fields to your liking.

1. Edit the "TwitterAccount" Handle and make sure to not include the @ symble.

2. Edit the "TweetthisText" and paste the script to your wordpress blog or website in the header.

Other Flying Bird Options

The standard Java URL file is twitterbird.js We are changing the Standard Java File (.js) Name to one of these images titles below.

Just replace the Filename not the extension on the line for

Example: New Java file for the Christmas image will be

Options are:

Flying Twitter Bird Script JoshWho Working